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What You Do In First Time Sex Dating


Phone numbers are like trophies to eager men who want to show their friends that they can be successful with any woman they meet in the club or bar. But, just getting a phone number, even in a few seconds, doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do it right.

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Here’s why.

If you bully her into it, she may not be very nice on the phone. Most women are kind of rude and uninterested on the phone, even if you had a GREAT time the night before. Get used to it – that’s how it will be.

But, if you approach number snagging the right way, she’ll not only have a more positive reaction when you call, you might get away with skipping the phone altogether.

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First up, know that technology is your friend. These days, phones are only good for a conversation or a quick “what’s up”. Now, consider all the other ways you can talk to someone.

You’ve got email, Facebook, Twitter. And get this. Women are eager to give you that info. They will throw email addresses and Facebook tags your way without a second thought even as they hold onto their numbers like a million dollar safe.

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Who knows, but you’d better use it to your advantage.

I recommend you talk to a woman for a few minutes before asking for any of this info, even if you’re in a hurry, because honestly – why not. Do you really want to call someone you have no knowledge about because she’s hot and you were in a hurry to get a pile of contact info?